What To Look for In a Business Fiber Internet Provider

Considering getting fiber internet for your business? Good idea—fiber connections are arguably the fastest and are more reliable than other broadband offerings.

The key advantage of fiber is having the same download and upload speeds—the symmetrical speed allows you to increase or lower bandwidth as your business needs dictate.

Plus, fiber is designed for the demands of modern businesses that need to consume digital services such as video conferencing alongside tools like VoIP, instant messaging, and other collaboration software.

Although most business fiber internet providers can help you unlock these benefits, you’ll want to look beyond the foundational offerings when choosing a vendor. Offering fiber internet is one thing; offering fiber internet while being considerate of clients’ unique demands is another.

Here’s what to consider when you choose your business fiber internet provider:

Think About Flexibility

As your business grows, your internet needs will evolve. For instance, you may move to a new building and require new fiber work. Choose a fiber internet provider who’s flexible enough to accommodate your demands. Ideally, the provider should have technicians who are experts in the certification and testing of both fiber and copper and can ensure your patch panel is an organized work of art.

Look for Technical Support

When you’re facing issues with your internet service, your provider should be available and ready to assist at any time. Look for an ISP that offers fast help desk service with technicians to guide you if needed. In terms of customer support, many ISPs offer remote troubleshooting, though it’s not uncommon to see providers send their technical staff to the customer’s premises.

Bundle in Features Like Static IP and Cloud Storage

Once you rely more on the internet, you may need additional services to improve your experience. For instance, you may want a static IP address to enable VPNs and self-hosted service, improve the performance of any onsite servers, and gain better name recognition on the internet. Cloud storage is one more thing to think about. Look for a provider that already includes any or all of these business technology services in your package.

Inquire About Cost

Given its impressive reliability and ultra-fast speeds, fiber costs more than cable. However, not all fiber internet providers have the same pricing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to inquire about the cost upfront rather than being surprised by the internet bill later. Additionally, check the contract length of the provider’s offer—most ISPs require a contract of a year or two.

Does it connect to your business suite?

Your business suite likely consists of various software and endpoints. For convenience, look for a provider that can deliver fiber internet straight to your suite. Although most providers will just sell you the fiber internet, providers like Great Service can help streamline your operations with direct connectivity.

Check for Dual Carrier Redundancy

To ensure you can truly rely on fiber internet, look for a provider that connects two varying internet feeds together to deliver a concrete solution. This concept is known as dual carrier redundancy. The system will automatically detect when one feed goes down and switch over to the other feed. It’s a great way to get continuous connectivity for your business.

Evaluate Network Design

If you’re planning to expand your IT infrastructure, it’s important to choose a provider whose network design is affordable, scalable, and secure. Check whether your vendor can provide additional network capacity as needed. Combining great network design with a solid fiber internet solution is the ticket to lower long-term operational costs.

Go for Dedicated Fiber

Businesses considering fiber internet can pick between shared and dedicated fiber services. Shared fiber service means the connection is shared amongst other businesses within a local area or building. The performance and reliability of a shared fiber connection can vary, so it’s best to go with dedicated fiber.

With GRID Dedicated Fiber, Great Service can provide dedicated internet bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps to your business suite at very affordable rates. Our offerings can also include dedicated point-to-point service, multiple public IP addresses, as well as direct connections to data centers, internet peering sites, and facilities. Visit our GRID Fiber service page to learn more—we allow multiple carriers.

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