Structured Cabling Services in Utah

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Structured Cabling Solutions For The Western United States

Our Specialties:

  1. Fiber Optic Cabling:
    • Our fiber optic design, installation, and network infrastructure proficiency spans over two decades.
    • We ensure seamless connectivity with high-speed, reliable fiber-optic
  2. Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs): Delivering 10Gbps via Fiber Optics
    • At Summit Technology, LLC, we redefine connectivity in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) across the Western United States.
    • We’ve got you covered, whether it’s apartments, condominiums, or office buildings.
    • Our cutting-edge solutions deliver 10 Gbps directly to each unit via fiber optics, ensuring unparalleled internet speeds for tenants.

Why Choose Summit?

Unmatched Speeds

  • With 10 Gbps, your tenants experience lightning-fast downloads, seamless streaming, and efficient work-from-home capabilities.
  • Elevate their digital experience with Summit’s fiber-to-the-unit connectivity.

Highest ROI for Property Owners

  • We understand the bottom line matters. Our solutions enhance property value and tenant satisfaction.
  • Maximize your return on investment by offering top-tier connectivity.

Management Team Support

  • Summit collaborates closely with property management teams.
  • From installation to ongoing support, we ensure a hassle-free experience.

Comprehensive Cabling Services

  • From data centers to individual workstations, we deliver quality, standards-compliant installations.
  • Our BICSI RCDD-certified experts design and build solutions that meet your needs today and anticipate future requirements.

Point-to-Point Wireless Antennas

  • When traditional cabling isn’t feasible, we take to the skies with long-haul point-to-point solutions.
Choose Summit Technology for cutting-edge cabling solutions that enhance tenant experiences. Contact us today at (801) 961-1175.



Structured Cabling keeps your network consistent and less messy. The more simple something is, the smaller the chance for human error to occur.


Structured Cabling anticipates that your business will need to change/or upgrade their network. No more worrying about how costly it will be to buy extra cables or having to figure out if you have to open up more walls to fit more wires when everything is centralized in one place.


Structured Cabling can lower downtime by having the cabling be nice and organized. It makes it easier and faster for an IT team to identify a problem and fix it.


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