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Agility 365 Managed IT

Agility 365

Agility 365 by Summit Technology is your all-in-one technology solution. Built with Microsoft 365 and Azure, Agility 365 covers all your technology, licensing, consulting, and technical support needs.

Grid Fiber

GRID Fiber Internet Service

GRID Fiber Internet service is gigabit fiber internet that is available in every office space at the Wells Fargo Center.

Service is available as low as $299 per month, and we’ll have you up and running within two days of order confirmation.

Jive Voice Telephone Service

The future of unified communications is GoToConnect powered by Jive Voice. Whether you need desk phones, softphones, or conference phones, GoToConnect can handle them all and includes a Go To Meeting License with every line.

Get your Jive Voice telephone service from Summit IT, starting at only $25 per line per month.

PDK Access Control

Available throughout the Wells Fargo Center office space is PDK access control. PDK is the leading provider of modern access control systems. Extend the PDK access control system through your suite and experience the future of access control without having to issue multiple access cards.

Verkada Surveillance Cameras

Wells Fargo Center employs Verkada AI-powered surveillance cameras for its security surveillance needs. You can add Verkada surveillance cameras to your office space and experience the peace of mind provided by AI-powered surveillance.

View a live camera in the Wells Fargo Center lobby and experiment with its features.

To see a demonstration of Verkada cameras and get a free Yeti tumbler, visit this link: https://gr8service.link/vYeti.