Microsoft Teams Room

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Microsoft Teams Room

Change The Way You Teams

Summit Technology has partnered with Microsoft and Logitech to bring you the latest in modern meeting rooms.

We’ll install all of the equipment, even perform the cabling required, train you on it, and give you a getting started manual, all for a flat price.

Work Together From Anywhere

A Hybrid Workplace

Create a workplace where meetings are as effective for remote workers as they are for those in the office.

Frictionless Meetings

Tools like One-Touch Join, Proximity Join, and Microsoft Teams Cast, mean smooth sailing in every meeting.

Inclusive and Interactive

Features like Live captions and the Raise Hand function help make sure that everyone in the meeting has a voice.

Why choose a Teams Room?

The Future of Meetings

Product Features

One-touch Join

Join meetings quickly and efficiently with a single touch.

Proximity Join

Join a Teams Room meeting without needing to touch your device.

Microsoft Teams Cast

For impromptu meetings, you can cast content from any device that is connected to the Teams Room.

Raise Hand

Notify everyone in the meeting that you want to speak with just a single touch.

Live Captions

See/read what the meeting participants are saying in real-time.


Use your phone, tablet, or PC to create visual presentations for the whole meeting to see.

Voice Assistance

Use your voice to request Cortana to start or end a meeting.

Room Remote (Coming Soon)

Control your Teams Room devices in the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Multiple Configurations Based on your Needs


Microsoft Teams


Logitech Medium Room


Logitech Large Room

Made for 3 Different-sized Rooms

Small Room

Small Room

Medium Room

Medium Room

Large Room

Large Room