Debunking Myths About IT MSPs

When you hear the term IT managed services, you likely think of high costs, staff redundancies, and inadequate data security. These thoughts can make you skeptical about hiring an MSP, but the good news is these are often misconceptions rather than facts. Let’s break down a few myths to help underscore why hiring an MSP is a great idea for any enterprise.

Myth #1 Hiring an MSP is Expensive

At first glance, the price of managed IT services can seem expensive. However, the benefits offered by MSPs easily offset their cost. MSPs operate on a much larger scale than the IT department in most companies, providing significant economies of scale. Plus, they take the sole responsibility for IT functions, with best-in-class tools and support at lesser costs than your own operational cost. Companies using MSPs also save in terms of resources, training and skill development, and time.

Myth #2 There’s No Need for Small Companies to Hire MSPs

It’s easy to label managed IT services as “high end” services that only companies of a particular size can benefit from, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is small businesses often find more value in MSPs. Managed service providers help SMBs in handling their daily technology, keep apps running smoothly, and speed up digitalization—all for an affordable price. This enables smaller companies to achieve the same level of IT efficiency as a global conglomerate and improve their overall competitiveness.

Myth #3 All Managed Service Providers Are the Same

While the core service of all MSPs is the same (i.e., to provide management services), each provider has a unique expertise, focus, specialization, and culture. Knowing what services and tasks you want for your business is crucial to finding the best managed service for you. Once you have made these determinations, you can start looking for MSPs that fit your specific criteria. For instance, if you’re a streaming company needing cybersecurity, look for an MSP specializing in monitoring and analyzing systems so it can proactively defend your organization against cyber threats.

Myth #4 An MSP Will Replace Your IT Staff

Not true. An MSP works to enhance your IT team’s efficiency rather than taking over their jobs. While the service provider may be your main source of IT support when you’re a small business, often your IT staff will work alongside the MSP. MSPs identify repetitive tasks and automate them at scale so that your IT team can focus on more productive tasks. Think of them as enablers that help IT reprioritize its role.

Myth #5 Hiring MSPs Means Putting Your Company Data at Risk

Your data is at greater risk with all the third-party services you currently use. Hiring an MSP will likely improve your security as they follow the latest cyber-defense practices and understand evolving threats. MSPs have an incentive to be 100% secure, as credibility is everything in the MSP industry. You can count on the service provider to create a secure and compliant environment for data protection and confidentiality.

Myth #6: You’ll Lose Control Over Your IT Operations with an MSP

Hiring an MSP results in loss of control only when you don’t manage your service partner effectively. Let the MSP know your requirements and keep the lines of communication open. A good MSP will make suggestions and recommendations in accordance with your needs, helping you create an extension of your business. So whichever MSP you decide to work with, you’ll decide the level of authority they have over your functions.

Myth #7 There Will Be Conflicts Over Roles and Responsibilities With an MSP

Conflicts arise when an organization doesn’t have a clear vision for its goals. Hiring an MSP is a huge undertaking and requires clarity of thought for successful results. A clear distinction of roles and responsibilities is required before onboarding an MSP. When hiring an MSP, think of ways to work together in synergy with the MSP to meet the objectives of your enterprise.

MSPs are rapidly changing the dynamics of how businesses achieve digital transformation. If you’re looking for a managed IT service to support your growth, we’ve got you covered. Our premium offering – Agility 365 – is a suite of products, services, and support, curated to the unique needs of your business. It is your cyber security team, technical support team, and IT operations team – all in one.


When you hear the phrase “IT managed services,” you probably picture excessive prices, layoffs of workers, and insufficient data protection. These ideas could make you hesitant to work with an MSP, but the good news is that they are frequently perceptions rather than actual truths. Let’s dispel a few myths to demonstrate why employing an MSP is a smart move for any business.

7 Myths About Managed Service Providers Infographic


Debunking Myths About IT MSPs

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