How Do Companies Benefit from Implementing Access Control Systems?

As a business owner, maintaining control of your assets from sensitive customer data to your physical workspaces is essential. While many are quick to implement cybersecurity tactics to protect digital assets, protecting your physical assets with an access control system can bring just as many benefits. Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from an access control system.
Richard Mews

Richard Mews

Improves Security, Provides Detailed Logs, Reduces Manpower, Limits Access

Access control improves security, which directly lowers costs associated with theft, vandalism and other crime. Systems like electronic locks, video surveillance and alarms deter unauthorized access to facilities, assets and data. Cleaning up and replacing stolen or damaged property can be extremely costly over time without proper access controls.

Access control systems also provide detailed activity logs that improve accountability. Features like badge tap-in tracking and video records help monitor employee productivity and attendance while reducing time theft. Knowing precisely who accessed sensitive areas at what times provides useful audit trails.

It also reduces the manpower needed for oversight and management. When systems automatically unlock/lock doors on schedules and monitor activity electronically, fewer security guards are required for observation. Digital logs further minimize manual tracking needs.

Finally, limiting access to designated employees improves compliance, inventory management, and workflow. Overall, the upfront investment in advanced access control systems can pay dividends for years via lower operating expenses in many aspects of corporate security, productivity, and efficiency. The long-term savings typically make the systems a wise investment.

Creating a Safe Working Environment

Access control systems allow just those persons who can be trusted to enter [a business] while preventing others from entering. [You have the] ability to conduct background checks and exclude anyone who does not possess the appropriate credentials.

Additionally, access control systems have the potential to ensure the safety of your personnel in the event of an emergency. In the event of a fire or any other emergency that needs a speedy escape, doors that are equipped with lock-and-key methods stay locked, which can be quite dangerous. It is possible for all individuals to leave a building without having to search for their keys if the doors are equipped with fail safe locks. This allows doors to unlock in the event that the power goes out.

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Eliminate Conventional Keys

The utilization of conventional keys does possess a few limitations. In order to restrict access to specific areas, individual keys are required. As the size of the structure increases, so does the quantity of locks required. This may cause a high-clearance individual, such as a custodian, to have a cumbersome key ring and become confused about which keys perform which functions.

Installing an access control system not only expedites the process of entering restricted areas but also prevents the need for locksmith visits. Additionally, duplicate keys can compromise security and result in unauthorized access. If an employee fails to return their key prior to their departure from your organization. You risk being unprotected or may be required to replace your locks. Access control security eliminates this issue.

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