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With Microsoft 365, your business gets the familiar apps they’ve always used, but with predictable per user costs, automatic updates, world class security, and comprehensive reporting. All delivered seamlessly from the Azure Cloud and implemented by Summit Technology. As a Premier and Gold partner with Microsoft, we have the resources to make your transition to the latest in technology successful and affordable.

Microsoft 365 - Communication TeamsWdownload Yammerdownload

We've all been there.  Everyone is in a different location and travel isn't going to happen.  With Microsoft 365, communication is easy.  Starting with Teams, you can spin up an instant video conference at any time. Share your screen, chat privately or with an entire team, and transfer files. Need to do all this with someone not in your company? Teams can include your external contacts as well.

If you need more of a social media feel, use Microsoft Yammer.  Chat, create groups, make organizational and team photos and posts to keep the culture and continuity of your business flowing.

Microsoft 365 – Productivity Anytime, Anywhere  Exceldownload Worddownload Ppointdownload Onenotedownload

Today, businesses demand data, communication, and collaboration anywhere, any time, and any place, not just the office, but even at home. The cloud enables this, and at Summit Technology, we can show you how. The suite of products in Microsoft 365 are familiar to everyone. We all know Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Do you know the new ways these integrate together, and integrate with OneDrive, Teams, and Sharepoint? We find most businesses are leveraging only a fraction of the capability of these applications. 

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The way teams work together has changed. Today we are producing content and data in all forms and in all places. Getting access to that data, and sharing it among teams, is a challenge. With Microsoft 365, there are many collaborative tools to solve this. For example, use Sharepoint to store almost any kind of file, securely, and with auditable and granular access to anyone, even outside your organization. Or, for your personal files, use OneDrive, where you can share your work with a colleague and both work on it real time. At Summit we can show you how to get the most of these collaborative tools and implement the best practices.

Microsoft 365 – Security

About that quarterly business report file that you emailed to your Finance team. Are you confident nobody will email that to a competitor? Or save it to a thumb drive where it gets left on a plane? Microsoft 365 Security can control that. And is there data being emailed to customers that might violate HIIPA standards that you don’t know about? Microsoft Exchange online will catch that before you do, and stop it in its tracks. Security of personal information is a compelling challenge these days, and Microsoft has put relentless focus on giving businesses control over their data. At Summit, we worry about your data security! Let us formulate a plan to keep your employees, and customers, safe.

 Microsoft 365 – Reporting Powerdownload 1

Who has access to that employee compensation file? Who can copy and email your quarterly business plan? It used to be hard to figure that out, it seemed like only administrators knew or controlled all that stuff.  With Microsoft 365, there are dashboards and reporting tools that tell you, in plain language, who can do what with your data. You can also see at a glance how many files you have, what kind they are, who is using them, and how much your Microsoft 365 deployment is costing you, right down to the month. And these reporting tools are highly customizable – only view what you want and filter out the rest. Let Summit set those up and show you how to manage them.

Microsoft 365 - Accountability ToDodownload

With Microsoft 365 MyAnalytics, you can get a view into how you and your team work, when you're the most productive, where you spend your time, and how you and your team interact with people. Are you emailing too much, and maybe need to make a Teams call? How about your focus time, when is that and are you getting enough? How many Teams meetings is the Marketing department holding. With MyAnalytics, you get a detailed timeline report of all of the productivity in your business. 

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